. (sontmoi) wrote in itmakesyouthink,

Imagine this.

You are sitting in the front row of a bus traveling on a mountain. You turn around and see your friends, smiling at you, talking to you, but their words don't reach you. The bus violently swerves, hits the side of the mountain, and tips over. Your window is shattered open, revealing an opening. You hear an ominous creaking and realize the bus is going to fall off. You remove your seat belt and crawl out, look back and clearly see the fear in your friends' faces as they fall to their deaths.

This is a dream that has been bothering my psyche.

I have been wondering -

What makes a human being think that their life is worth more than that of another?
A sense of individuality?

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to that night,
back to that dream,
and die with them.

My question to you is this -
Would you save yourself?
Or would you die alongside those you love?
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