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drifting way to far

So Many things You should have known.
How many years can i pretend that you have seen it my way.
You never understook that what im looking you.

So very very close..but so far away from each other. My best friend. My worst enemy. My secret companion, my Plastic Surgery and Tattoo PArtner. Pornstars in action. such a lovely joke that last one is.
So hard its seemed to be.

Those words you said to me a few weeks back "she fits"  have echoed in my brain still. They hurt me and yet i refuse to admit outloud that i need you. i crave you.

How disgusting this makes me feel.

scrub away all these awkward thoughts..CUT away every urge to touch you, feel you, breath you in.

Dont you know they buy into your fake smile..your ruse of life everyday?
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