a stunning paragon of nomenclature (semperar) wrote in itmakesyouthink,
a stunning paragon of nomenclature

People like Jack Thompson and those damn kids who play video games

I wish I wasn't so cynical as to believe that individual voices are worth nothing. This little issue boggles my mind because there is so much wrong with it.

The disgusting misrepresentation in the press. The ambulance-chasing greed that pushes the agenda of people like Jack.

We aren't just 'kids who play video games.'

We're the kids who watched MTV.

We're the same kids who listened to rap.

We are the entire under-35 generation that is not represented in any major press or any government.

Think about what I'm saying. We rule the technology and development of this society. Yet all the speaking and information and decisionmaking is handed down by the outdated, out of touch generation.

The gap is enormous.

Its not the internet, its not video games, its not music or whatever. Its the whole goddamn digital age. Some people are not fit for it.

Freedom for the fucking sunset years. This country is awash in middle-aged schizophrenics trying to make a world they can't comprehend into a better place for people they don't understand.

We are the messengers. The purveyors of the technology. We are their vassals, we transcribe their madnesses so that our peers may be oppressed by them. It begs for systemic revolution.

I hate Jack in particular for being an antagonist of my preferred subculture. I know that easily there are bigger problems out there. Psychotics like Fred Phelps have hands in government. All voted in by other senile bastards like themselves.

The old, the hysterical, the out-of-touch are winning simply by numbers, god dammit.

We have so much more power than they want to admit, isn't there anything we can DO with it?
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