Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire (remjte) wrote in itmakesyouthink,
Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire

Some thoughts...

Social equality and social diversity are contrary ideas. The only way to ensure absolute equality is to have absolute uniformity, eg. conformity, the opposite of diversity. No person can claim an affinity for both unless they are being misleading and truly seeking only one or are wholly misguided and absolute in their lack of conceptual comprehension. The two ideas simply cannot coexist.

One aspect of social equality is, of course, economic equality. How can this be achieved? Consolidated power in a tyrannical form. A single body, not absolutely a government, but most likely one, would be the employer of all citizens. Each would get the same monetary payment regardless of work performed. However, how this money is spent would, in fact, lead to inequality as some would squander their money foolishly while others may invest it. So this body must then not pay at all, rather it must control all aspects of society whatsoever to guarantee that no one person does anything that may provide for financial superiority over another. To a similar end, no person can be allowed to advance over another in any way whatsoever, monetarily or otherwise. This ensures social equality. However, it also compromises wholly the idea of the individual and would necessitate mind control constructs to ensure all citizens remain in line and in step with the body and do nothing to speak out against it at any time. And so diversity is a non-happening in this climate.

To contemplate on theory, one may consider the possibility that an appearance of a want for diversity is nothing more than a disguise for a want of control, absolute equality being merely a potential byproduct of that control. Forced diversification will inevitably split all citizens into factions and tear a nation apart. In such an event, a complete takeover by some government or other organization would be called for in order to restore unity. From this point onward, in the best of terms, the nation is plunged into the scenario outlined above. A worse outcome would be divisive inequality with the masses equal within their own sect subserviant to an elite minority in contol of the body as in a monarchy.
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