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does anyone else get abstract feelings about certain things? i find that certain people/situations/songs/etc provoke a sort of distinctive "atmosphere" in my mind. it's almost like when i see a person with a certain style or manner of holding his/herself, i get a sensation of sorts. like they launch a visual of a continuation of the style of that person.
it mostly happens when i think of periods in my life. each block of time has a kind of flavor, like when i think about it a flash of images roll through my psyche like places i went, people i knew, things i wore, songs i heard, but it's not just a succession of images, it's salient than just a few memories. perhaps i'm making no sense, and perhaps my wording makes it increasingly difficult to understand, but i've just always wondered.

also, sometimes before i sleep i get a brief image of a person. it's always a different person, but it's always someone i've never seen in my life, ever. they usually have some sort of notable feature, like piercing eyes or a receding hairline. i don't know what this means, but perhaps someone else experiences it as well...?
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