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Waking up this morning i pondered a question i was asked last night.
"If you got a penny for your thoughts how much money do you think you'd have?"
Honestly, id have about 10 cents. 
No one really cares about other people thoughts in this town.
Its all about them.

Its when you ask for Their thoughts that you see their true colors.

Its so much easier to hide who you really are and what you live for, then it is to let people know and risk vulnerability.

I risked that all once. I forgot how good it felt to feel alive. That didnt last long though. It gave me a sick sense of realization about the awful lifelong  issues people have to deal with day after day.

"Do you really care about what they think of you?"
No. Yes. Does it matter?
No. I am what and who i am. I dont need to ask approval.
Yes. I want people to see that i really dont care if that call me XXXFAG or not.
Does it matter? It really doesnt.

"Live your life inside a dream and you will get hurt in the worst way"
So they say. 
So Lets be truthful for a second. 
What do we say on subjects like that?

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