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i read a national geographic article about poison and toxicity in a waiting room.

a lot of common sense, but i loved the notices. as a few researchers pointed out, everything is toxic. Minerals and vitamins can kill you if you get enough. a small amount of arsenic is the king of poisons and the poison of kings, but an even smaller amount of it is life-saving chemotherapy.

there's no such thing as a 'toxic' material or a 'non-toxic' substance. this is an abstraction, a description that we use to simplify, and furthermore oversimplify our attempts to communicate.

there are no toxins or non-toxins, just a spectrum of possibility. they are all bound by the same rules, it is merely the moderation or lack thereof that determines the effects. only the ignorant would label arsenic as poison and only the blind would call it a cure. It isn't either of these abstracted terms, it simply is, like everything else.

No sense in giving it labels, especially not false ones.
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