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I'm not quite sure this belongs here....

This is about my recent meditation experience. And I have a few questions. I know this might not fit directly in here but maybe a few will know of what I speak of and be able to answer my questions.

After cleansing my soul, heart, and mind, and the surrounding space, I began a certain meditation technique of projecting myself some where else. To do this, I watched myself get up, walk to the bedroom door, open it, and walk out. In order to fully accomplish this, you must imagine every detail like it is in essance, you, actually going there. After walking through the entire house, I stood on a little step outside the front door. All of a sudden it was like, everything around me started spinning. Then, in front of me was a tropical ocean side beach. As I got off the step, and "felt" my surroundings, I was doing things I wouldn't normally do. For instance, I walked around a palm tree and then I shook it. A coconut dropped and I cracked it open to drink its milk. I've never shaken a palm tree to get a coconut and I've never drank from a coconut and have never had the inclination to do so. As I walked around I interacted with the people there, sitting in chairs, under umbrellas, waving and smiling. Then, I escaped into the ocean. I became increasingly overwhelmed by the visuals and emotions I was feeling. After getting lost in the ocean for a while, I walked out, but I was in reverse, almost as though someone had pressed rewind. As I came down everything was like that. Going through the house, I was walking backward and fast. I had no control over this, for I did not want to come back so early.

I was just wondering, if my Spirit Guides felt that I had experienced enough, would they have taken control in order to not overwhelm my soul with such an amazing experience, and great step in my personal meditation? Do they actually know when to say enough is enough for now? Kind of like dictating what I should experience because they know of the future and of the greater good? I was wondering if I must at first take baby sets, when it comes to my meditation and spirit seeking and performing spells. Does anyone know if this could be true? Or has anyone experienced such an occurance? Or if anyone would share some of there personal meditation experience, I think it would be quite helpful.
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