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every time i turn around people my age are having intense panic attacks

this evening santy, brett, and myself went over to onlyonej1's house in groton to spin some wax...from there we proceeded to stop at our man e's spot and roll an l/watch some yankees. about 10-15 min. after blazing (nothing special folks) brett is leaning off his stool. leaning, leaning, leaning *WHAM* right to the floor! it was crazy, nobody knew what the deal was. he realized he had fallen and was able to stagger to his feet. he came to, kind of, then staggered out the door and flat onto his face. bare in mind we were in the middle of the pj's at a friends house who doesn't really need people staggering out of his door and face planting in the grass.

so i'm thinking, is this chit laced? i dunno where the f the trees came from, right? but then i think about it - i was fine e was fine...it can't be. and it's not like any of us are low tolerance cats, and all else that was consumed were some beers while mixing. but we were able to get him up and into a chair inside. at this point, he was pretty with it and we all figured he'd fallen asleep or something(?)

really, we had no clue.

so sitting in the chair he seemed quite a bit better, then twitched as if he was going to puke, and staggered up into the house were e's girl and kids were...oh shit! we all thought he was puking or something.

but he somehow managed to just wash his face and was completely fine again. a lil shooken up, but fine. he then recalled one or two other instances when this had occured. he said he realized they were panic attacks. at least, it was the only thing that made sense. of course i recalled this morning and was a bit bugged out. some heads on my friends list have posted entries about stress, panicking, and just in general life not being too easy in your 20s. and i recall reading an article in utne about it. search for qlc and it's the only one that comes up. unfortunately i don't have an online subscription so i only could view the first paragraph. also, in that paragraph there was a lil wise crack about bloggers (i read the hard copy, an article entitled how blogging ruined my life as well). the point is, is the stress and worry in my life and the life of those around me actually weighing on us (no pun intended) until we fall over?
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