just beyond your reach (shadows_wisper) wrote in itmakesyouthink,
just beyond your reach

in a sense.. this is me

Modern Transformation

softly the wind flips loose hairs
strayed from the rest
to torture the face graciously
closed eyes hold patience
the clouds slowly drift away
darting the sun licks at the cheek
the warmth pushes the wind
swiftly changing direction
driving the hairs to dance
the eyes open with the light
glassy but eager with a spark of life
a butterfly striving
to overcome the strength of its cacoon
the scent of new
swirling up around the body
nudging it to move
but it knows
the free do as they please
and things will move along
abstract in time
absurd in rythm
the anarchy of it all
casts great shadows
coloring the spots of the wings
of a beautyful mind
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